Dr. Joyce Ryan, RN, NP

Certified Health, Wellness & Transition Coach

For many years, I was a Board-Certified RN caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit of hospitals. I became a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner in a private gastroenterology practice. I eventually worked on broader patient care and management issues as a Nurse Executive with pharmaceutical and medical device companies. I obtained by doctorate degree to broaden my understanding of human health and the healthcare delivery system as it impacts on our choices and challenges.

My own life experiences, including the challenges of being a single mom and a caregiver to my parents, enhances my perspective as a personal coach. I also know the challenges of dealing with uncertainty and unrealistic corporate expectations. I’ll help you achieve your goals with the right program, practical support, encouragement, and accountability. Here are some of the ways I help my clients:

  • Positive Strategies for Supporting Any Transition
  • Clinical Insights in Response to Specific Health Challenges
  • Practical Ideas to Strengthen Your Role as a Caretaker
  • Proven Strategies for Meeting Life Challenges with Wisdom
  • Winning Approaches for Experiencing Greater Fulfillment
Joyce Ryan Health Coach Mastery Seal

90-Minute Discovery Call

Identify your key goals and specific action steps.

4-Week Quick Start Program

Explore the depth of your motivation and identify the key steps that will help you achieve your goals. Includes 4 scheduled 50-minute sessions.

90-Day Total Transformation Program

Form new empowering habits that are the foundation for positive change. Includes 12 weekly 50-minute sessions.
  • Cynthia R.
    Joyce made me realize things that I never knew even existed, as far as not only my eating "habits", but what types of food would be wiser choices for me. I followed her advice, and along with her guidance and support, I feel I have achieved much success, not only in my eating habits, but my overall well being. I would highly recommend her to ANYONE who has "lifestyle" struggles. The MOST helpful and influential thing Joyce did for me was to LISTEN with a kind ear, and she gave me goals and suggestions that I knew I could achieve. I have a new spring in my step thanks to Joyce!
    Cynthia R.
  • Wendy E.
    Working with my health coach was amazing! Although I am healthy, active and health conscious, she was able to help me enhance my good habits and create new habits. She listened to my goals, was able to access my strengths and help me identify areas that I could work on to improve my health. The best part? She was able to present small steps to move forward that would create successes toward my larger goals in a meaningful way. Many ah-ha moments! Great experience! Joyce Ryan is both intuitive and compassionate in her approach. Both of those traits, I believe, are critical to a persons’ success. She is a gem and will be an incredible coach!
    Wendy E.

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